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Building plots in Cyprus

The demand for building plots in Cyprus increases annually. Purchasing a plot allows a client to construct a custom-built dream house in the chosen place with the use of most qualitative building materials.

Typically building plots in Cyprus already have road access and provisions for electricity, telecommunications, water and sewage. Plots can be used only for those purposes that are stated by the government depending on what area land is located in – agricultural, business, industrial, residential, rural, tourist area. For the potential buyer who is interested in purchasing a plot in Cyprus is crucial to understand the difference between:

  • Building Ratio is a figure which, when multiplied by the sq.m. of a plot, gives the total sq.m. that are allowed to be built on the plot, in other words, the permitted building area. Underground space is not included in this total.
  • Coverage Ratio is a number which, when multiplied by the sq.m. of the plot, gives a result which equals the maximum area of ground that can be covered by a building structure.

Veskip Properties has a broad selection of building plots in Cyprus so every client can find a property that matches his/her criteria.