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The segment of Cyprus property market develops dynamically and covers today all prestigious parts of the island. All range of offers of real estate in Cyprus can be divided into five main groups.

Villas in Cyprus

A villa was originally an upper-class country house, though the villa has evolved considerably. In modern parlance it can refer to a specific type of detached suburban dwelling.

Our company can provide a client with after sale service; arrange property and swimming pool cleaning, gardener services etc.

Apartments in Cyprus

Construction of residential properties is developing fast. Apartments are built either in complex with infrastructure or in two or three-storey developments.

Apartments’ prices are 10-30% lower if the property is not part of the complex, which means it does not have so many features as developments with infrastructure.

Projects are usually built close to all amenities. Features include – 24-hour security, swimming pool, separate beach, entertainment facilities, service personnel (cleaning, gardening etc).

Townhouses or Maisonettes in Cyprus

Maisonette (Townhouse) is a small house occupying two or more floors of a larger building and often having its own entrance from outside, joined from two or three other houses (terraced).

Maisonettes (Townhouses) are usually built in complex with amenities as pool bars, coffee shops etc.

Plots in Cyprus

The non-European residents are officially permitted to purchase a plot of land not bigger then 4012 sq.m..

Veskip Estate Group can consult the buyer and offer possible solutions if the client is interested to buy larger plot.