Renting a property in Cyprus: easily and efficiently

Renting a property in Cyprus

Renting a property in Cyprus is at all means more attractive idea than booking a hotel. Past years show that Cyprus visitors evaluated the advantages of renting a property in Cyprus during their holidays or business trip:

  • Renting a property is cheaper than staying in the hotel in Cyprus;
  • Renting a property in Cyprus that is appropriate for your life style and habits;
  • Comfortable accommodation and privacy;
  • Renting property in Cyprus in any preferred area for any period of time;
  • Opportunity to rent a property on short term basis in different parts of the island in order to explore Cyprus tourist attractions and sights. You also may chose an area where to buy a property in Cyprus;
  • There is no need to change your eating habits as you can cook home made meals anytime in the fully equipped kitchen of the rented property;
  • Renting a villa in Cyprus is the perfect way to insure that you are not disturbed by the hotels personnel and other visitors.

Cyprus property rental offers:

  • Villas for rent in Cyprus
    Along with other properties we have a wide diversity of villas on the beach, in resort areas around the island. The most luxurious accommodation conditions along with private garden and swimming pool. Veskip Properties can provide you with the service personnel so there is no need to be concerned about the organizational matters during holidays in Cyprus.

  • Houses for rent in Cyprus
    Stay in a comfortable house can be the best possible choice for you, if you do not wish to rent a villa in Cyprus. There are options of bungalows and 2 – 3 storey houses.

  • Maisonettes for rent in Cyprus
    Maisonettes do have the same comfort level as villas or houses, but the division of the property amongst several owners makes it more affordable.

  • Cottages for rent in Cyprus
    In Cyprus cottages are grouped in modern complexes with internal infrastructure. Usually all the necessary amenities like shops, banks, pharmacies etc. are walking distance to the complex.

  • Apartments for rent in Cyprus
    For those who are not ready to buy apartment in Cyprus, the short term rental is best solution to spend a reasonably priced holiday in Cyprus. Apartments in the modern developments typically have communal swimming pool and are walking distance to the sea, restaurants, shops etc.

Prices on Cyprus property depend on the location of the property and its features. Our catalogue has an extensive variety of rental properties to please all clients’ needs. Contact Veskip Properties specialists to inquire more information about rentals in Cyprus. No doubts that with our help you will have and affordable and comfortable stay in Cyprus.