How to get a residence permit in Cyprus?

A permanent residence permit is issued on the basis of compliance with certain requirements. A fast track procedure to acquire PR requires for a foreign applicant, who is not a citizen of Cyprus or other EU country, to purchase a new property in Cyprus with the value of not less than €300,000 +VAT.

Additionally, an applicant should have clean criminal record. Cyprus government obliges an applicant to have steady income from abroad of at least €30 000 per year per family (the amount might differ on case by case basis).

Cyprus immigration authorities will be more loyal to the applicant if he/she or applicants’ family permanently live in Cyprus or their children study in local schools. This is considered to be an additional proof of your desire to live in Cyprus permanently and to build your future here.

The wife/husband and children of an applicant (under the age of 21) will also receive immigration permits.

Please note: permanent residency does not automatically grant Cypriot citizenship. The candidate can apply for the citizenship in Cyprus after seven years of permanent residency here via naturalization process.

Other options to acquire permanent residency in Cyprus via investment or work permit:

  • Investment into agriculture, fisheries, animal farming (by having a land parcel and capital of €430 000 and more);
  • Investments in the mining industry (by having capital of €350 000 and the license for works in mining issued by authority of Cyprus);
  • Doing any business (by having a capital of €260 000 and license for this business issued by the administration of Cyprus);
  • Employment in Cyprus;
  • Residency in Cyprus as a visitor without work permit (by having documented evidence that the applicant has a minimum income of €10 000 and more coming from abroad).