Shared ownership of real estate in Cyprus: a modern approach to investment

Shared ownership of property in Cyprus is a way to invest the accumulated funds and receive profit on the most favourable terms. This "option" has already been appreciated by the pragmatic Americans and innovative Europeans.

What is the uniqueness of this proposal?

The answer is simple: you become the owner of a prestigious property in Cyprus but invest several times lesser amount than if you bought property individually.

Investment attractiveness of the property market in Cyprus is evident:

Geographical location and the climate

The ideal geographical location and the excellent climate of the island are the advantages that guarantee steady demand of the real estate.

Substantial profit

Substantial profit gain through the sale of the property after several years of ownership.

Open property for sale

Prices are lower

Current prices on the real estate market are lower than the prices on new developments.

Rental income

Rental income when property is not used by the owner.

Advantages of shared ownership in Cyprus

If you plan to spend in Cyprus 1-6 weeks within a year, you should take into consideration this program.
How does it work?

  1. Usually, this program involves a group of people (relatives, friends, colleagues) who become co-owners of residential properties on favourable terms. First, decide how long do you wish to hold the property, e.g. 3, 5 or 10 years.

  2. The next step is the acquisition of a Cyprus company. Selected residential property should be registered on the companys’ name. All investors become owners of the asset as shareholders of the company with equal shares of ownership.

    Each shareholder will get the following documents:

    • sales and purchase agreement on companys’ name;
    • incorporation documents for the company and a shareholders certificate with details on your personal share of the property.

    These documents guarantee you, as a shareholder, possibility to resell your share to third party or other shareholders at any given time. Please note: you are allowed to dispose your share of the property in the future. For example, if circumstances require, you could sell it without waiting for a predetermined period of investments.

Veskip Estate Group provides assistance to the property buyer at every stage of the property purchase process:

D.S. Veskip Estate

D.S. Veskip Estate team will help you to select a property that is worth to invest in;

Veskip Property Management

Veskip Property Management team will guarantee rental income during your absence and will maintain your property.

We also can overlook your companys’ accounting, audit and provide legal support services.

Purchase of the property in Cyprus with Veskip Estate Group is as an easy and convenient process.

Please contact our office via email or call us directly on +357 25841341 to discuss further the shared ownership of property in Cyprus.