Prices on real estate at Cyprus by area

According to different districts there is a big difference in prices for immovable properties in Cyprus. It is fair to both resale and newly built properties. It is essential to decide what kind of property you would like to purchase. If you are going to stay in Cyprus with you family or in a group of friends, the covered area will be a crucial factor in choosing a property.

The average covered areas for different types of properties:

  • Studio – 40-50 sq.m
  • 1 bedroom apartment – 50-65 sq.m..
  • 2 bedroom apartment – 80-100 sq.m.
  • 3 bedroom apartment – 120-150 sq.m.
  • Townhouse – 150-160 sq.m.
  • Villa – 150-200 sq.m..

The average covered areas can help you to decide if you want to buy an apartment in Cyprus or prefer to purchase a villa. You might be interested in renting a property. Besides the property variations the difference in the price range can occur because its geographical location:


The most popular district for buying properties is Limassol, where there are lots of entertainment places and developed infrastructure. The costs of properties in Limassol are high due to it being so popular among the foreigner buyers, especially among Russians.


Pafos is next most popular district for buying properties. The quality of life in Pafos is similar to Limassol, but the prices are lower.

Climate in Pafos is the best on the island; it is not so hot. Pafos is famous of its historical heritage. Pafos used to be the capital of Cyprus.


Larnaka is famous for its yacht clubs and golf courses, but one of the disadvantages is the big amount of factories in the town. Those most interested in buying properties in Larnaka are mostly Cypriots, since there are clean beaches and sea and not so many tourists.

Agia Napa:

Agia Napa is popular among tourists in summer months with its best sandy beaches and entertainment places.

Average real estate prices in Cyprus in Euro

Property TypeLimassolPafosLarnakaAgia-Napa
Studio130 000115 000110 000115 000
1 bedroom apartment180 000155 000135 000140 000
2 bedroom apartment250 000230 000185 000148 000
3 bedroom apartment380 000315 000300 000240 000
Maisonette370 000285 000220 000215 000
Villas650 000520 000445 000357 000

Minimal real estate prices in Cyprus in Euro

Property TypeLimassolPafosLarnakaAgia-Napa
Studio95 00095 00090 000100 000
1 bedroom apartment110 000115 00098 000110 000
2 bedroom apartment125 000120 000110 000120 000
3 bedroom apartment158 000164 000137 000170 000
Maisonette185 000170 000165 000160 000
Villas220 000210 000195 000170 000

Note that the prices that are shown above are approximate, and they can differ according to its location, area and quality of building. Our company offers a variety of properties in different budget frames all over the island.