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Access to the sea: yes

Behind this unusual name, Famagusta, is hiding city full of historical landmarks. The city was a residence of the English king Richard the Lionheart, Plantagenet dynasty.

In 1974 this place was completely ruined by the Turks.

Today Famagusta is an open-air museum. Walking through the local streets, you will see numerous architectural "pearls": the ancient cathedrals, public places, baths and other ruins that are protected by the state as historical heritage.

On Salamis Road, you can find lovely stores and shops. The famous Bediz beach is situated near the city and will drown you into the atmosphere of serenity. It is the best place for family vacation.


Tourists attractions of Famagusta

Down town of Famagusta is one big attraction. This area is surrounded by well-preserved Venetian fortifications and comprises on its territory many magnificent buildings of the Renaissance. Do not miss the observation deck of the Othello tower. There is a stunning view of the surroundings and the port. At sunset, it is especially picturesque.

Among all religious buildings, it is necessary to highlight the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas and St. George Church with unique frescoes.



Paphos has a rich cultural history. There you will find the famous baths of Aphrodite and a castle nestled in its picturesque port. The town offers modern hotels and the second international airport of the island. Paphos is a all year round tourist destination.

Ayia napa

Ayia napa and Paralimni are the most famous tourist locations on the eastern coast of Cyprus thanks to their stunning white sandy beaches and wide range of hotels and accommodation which offer great holidays all year round.


Larnaca is home to the island’s main international airport, a marina and various archaeological sites, as well as many beautiful beaches and rural regions. It is the most peaceful town of Cyprus with a real ‘family’ feel.