The capital of the island. The majority of governmental services, foreign embassies, universities and offshore companies are located in Nicosia. In Cyprus, and especially Nicosia, there is a vast amount of property investment and new construction taking place with demand currently outstripping supply. Boosted by the inclusion into the EU and an unprecedented amount of foreign and local investment, Nicosia attracts high returns on commercial property, while prices for all types of real estate in Nicosia are increasing as the scarcity of land gradually becomes greater. Property in Nicosia is seen as a good buy and most is bought off-plan with a high percentage being purchased even before the project frame stage of development. With a year round rental market, rather than a seasonal one, Nicosia’s buy-to-let property market differs from that of many other tourist cities on the island.


The largest and most significant port of the island, along with all the important organizations associated with shipping and trade are located in Limassol. Like Nicosia, there are many offshore companies in Limassol making the two the commercial capitals of the island. Aside from trade, Limassol also has beautiful sandy beaches and high-class hotels of four and five stars.


Paphos has a rich cultural history. There you will find the famous baths of Aphrodite and a castle nestled in its picturesque port. The town offers modern hotels and the second international airport of the island. Paphos is a all year round tourist destination.


Larnaca is home to the island’s main international airport, a marina and various archaeological sites, as well as many beautiful beaches and rural regions. It is the most peaceful town of Cyprus with a real ‘family’ feel.

Larnaca property offers an affordable tourist and property location and is one of the more typically Cypriot-style resorts with a graceful row of majestic palms lining the seafront promenade. At opposite ends of the promenade stand a majestic castle at one end and the smart, cosmopolitan yacht marina at the other. During the 17th century, Larnaca was the diplomatic and trading capital of Cyprus and it boast foundations of great antiquity. It was allegedly founded by Noah?s son Khittim, who was mentioned in the Bible.

Ayia napa

Ayia napa and Paralimni are the most famous tourist locations on the eastern coast of Cyprus thanks to their stunning white sandy beaches and wide range of hotels and accommodation which offer great holidays all year round.


Behind this unusual name, Famagusta, is hiding city full of historical landmarks. The city was a residence of the English king Richard the Lionheart, Plantagenet dynasty. In 1974 this place was completely ruined by the Turks. Today Famagusta is an open-air museum.


Not far from the noisy Ayia Napa in the Fig tree Bay is located a small but charming resort Protaras. It is not the most popular resort; however, the city has its admirers. It is new tourist center with well-developed infrastructure, excellent hotels, and restaurants where visitors can try the traditional cuisine.