Partnership with Veskip Properties is prestigious and beneficial!

The most attractive investment options for Russians and Europeans at present are the investments in properties abroad. Are you willing to become more than an investor in prestige property and participate in the Cyprus property market growth? There is no need to become an expert cooperating with Veskip Properties. Receive your commission from the Cyprus property deals by involving potential property buyers.

С Veskip Estate Group вы получаете такую возможность без необходимости становиться экспертом. Вам достаточно всего лишь привлекать потенциальных покупателей, чтобы получать весомый процент от сделки.

Why cooperation with Veskip Properties is prestigious, beneficial and easy?

The answer is simple. Veskip Properties offers the unique options for buyers, investors and partners:

  • Unique Cyprus property catalogue
  • Unique offers for our company clients

Unique Cyprus property catalogue

We created the widest Cyprus property catalogue and it includes both property sale and rent offers all around the island. More than 6500 listings are updated daily by the property owners and developers. We also offer building plots for sale in Cyprus. Veskip Properties presents the best possible Cyprus property offers and conditions to buy or rent property in Cyprus, we also provide our clients with the after sale service.

Unique offers for our company clients

Europeans and Russians are main Cyprus property buyers. We have developed 3 main options that are aimed on buyers with the different budget:

  1. Our fractional ownership program allows clients with lower budget to become an owner of the property in Cyprus.
  2. Clients with average or high income can choose any property for sale or rent from our full Cyprus property catalogue that includes more than 6500 listings and is updated everyday by individual owners, developers, Real Estate agencies and investors.
  3. Investors can select one of the most likely profitable alternatives offered with consideration of Cyprus market tendencies and perspectives. The majority of our clients have already been convinced in the reliability of our forecasts.