Cyprus is one of the best holiday destinations

Cyprus is an island with its individual exotics. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Tourists are attracted to Nicosia sightseeing, for instance, Eleftheria (Freedom) Square, Panagia Fanomereni church, La Cava Castle etc.

Cyprus. Where and what property to buy?

As experts suggest, buyers who would like to invest in Cyprus property have to consider purchasing properties in Polis, Pafos and Limassol as this areas are popular among tourists all year-round.

Cyprus property advantages

Cyprus property is highly demanded due to its attractive location in Mediterranean Sea. The majority of buyers are British, who invested more than 430 million euro in Cyprus property, and Russians follow them.

Russians invest in Cyprus

The majority of the funds transferred to Cyprus banks were coming from Russia. In 2009 the investments exceeds 58 milliards euro which is 5 times more than Cyprus gross domestic product.

Buying property in Cyprus

Few years ago Russian and European residents evaluated Cyprus from the other perspective. Today Cyprus is not only a great holiday destination but an option for beneficial investments. Buyers now are willing to invest their funds in a property in Cyprus as well as open and develop business on the island.

Cyprus – an island with rich history and culture

Mediterranean island Cyprus is considered to be a heaven on earth. Unique curative climate, clean air, Mediterranean sea, and sunny weather all year-round is the reason for the well-being of the local citizens.

Cyprus – geographical and historical review

Republic of Cyprus is located on the island with total area of 9251 sq.m. Cyprus is the third biggest island in Mediterranean. It is located on the crossroads of European, Asian and African trade routes.

Useful Information about Cyprus

Irrespective of whether you are coming for holidays or visiting with the purpose of purchasing property in Cyprus it is useful to know the national peculiarity of this island.