Veskip Estate Group was established in 2008. Today, it consists of a number of companies:

  • Veskip Development – Building & Reconstruction company.
  • D.S. Veskip Estate is a licensed real estate company.
  • Veskip Holidays Letting offers short letting options. It operates during holidays season and is supported by constantly growing list of rental properties.
  • Veskip Property Management – property management & maintenance company i.e. we look after your properties and its features (pools, gardens, etc) in your absence.

But let us take you through what we can do for you:

So, you’ve made a decision to build your own house in Cyprus.

Where do you start? To begin with, you are to locate and make a purchase of a suitable plot. The next steps is to put together a project plan to cover the construction of your house.

Our construction projects

Have you ever considered investing in construction business in Cyprus?

We can help with that, too. Our consultants will work hard to ensure your investment project is successful and profitable.

Have you just arrived and planning to stay for a long while?

We have a long list of letting options, featuring houses, apartments and villas, both short and long term.

Should you will to make a purchase of a property straight away, we will ensure you are given plenty of options to choose from.

Long-term rentals

Are you a landlord?

Out property management team will ensure it’s kept in pristine condition, inclusive of its internal features i.e. gardens, pools, etc.

Are you looking to put your property out for sale?

Not only we can take care of that, but you will be offered with various letting opportunities to cover the pre-sale period, to maximise benefits from your assets.

Our legal team is there to ensure you are guided throughout the purchase, construction and approvals process to ensure best outcome. We consider one of our main advantage point to be the ability to utilise various types of expertise within our group of companies in the real estate field to serve you as a client, whatever your aspirations and ambitions are.

Veskip does not take customer service lightly. It employs people with proven field experience and track record of success representing various sets of skills, aimed at ensuring best of class service.

We work extremely hard to stay intact with the dynamics of the real estate marketplace in Cyprus, which is supported by the team of seasoned consultants constantly analysing the market trends and making steps to adapt accordingly.

We take pride of our ability to stay client and quality oriented, therefore your success as a client is a matter of our commitment, and we are willing to travel the extra mile to ensure our cooperation is productive and successful.

Having said that, above and beyond all - our biggest asset is your trust and we won’t take it for granted.

Veskip Properties is your reliable real estate partner.

Dimitris Symeonides
President of Veskip Estate Group of companies.